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Boost Unitarianism by becoming an Associate Member

Being part of a Unitarian congregation or national society nourishes you. It helps you in your search or journey in your religious life, gives you support and friendship, comfort when needed, and encourages ideas of social action.

But your congregation also needs nourishing. You play a big part in that by being there and giving it your loyalty, voluntary work, time, and/or money. But you can play an even bigger part, and also contribute to the movement in general, by becoming an Associate Member of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches.

The General Assembly seeks to nourish its member congregations by providing services on a national scale, through:

  • ministry and lay leadership and religious education for all ages; 
  • a national youth programme;
  • supporting social action;
  • fostering spiritual and practical aspirations;
  • representing our community nationally and internationally and with other faiths;
  • giving advice on buildings, legal, charitable and financial issues (including a payroll service);
  • supporting The Inquirer (our fortnightly magazine) and the Lindsey Press;
  • publishing web pages, leaflets and posters;
  • increasing public knowledge of who we are;
  • promoting the Nightingale Centre in Derbyshire for holidays, conferences and retreats;
  • enables the members of the many groups to meet;
  • organising the Annual Meetings which bring people together from all over the country to discuss what we do and how we do it.

By becoming an Associate Member you will help the General Assembly do all these things. In return, you:

  • will receive a yellow badge and a newsletter, the Associate twice a year;
  • are given early notice of the Annual Meetings plus a booking form and a summary of the General Assembly annual reports (or a full annual report if you prefer);
  • may speak (but not vote) at the Annual Meetings and receive an invitation to a free wine reception;
  • have an individual vote in elections to the General Assembly executive committee.


The annual subscription for Associate Membership costs £40 if paid annually or £4 per month via a monthly standing order. If you are under 25 years old the subscription is £10. Larger subscriptions would be gratefully received.

If you are a taxpayer please consider signing up for Gift Aid.


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About Gift Aid

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