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This list presents a small selection of titles available from Unitarian Headquarters in London, including Lindsey Press books. The General Assembly Mail Order Service is geared to supply Unitarian and related materials to Unitarians and interested inquirers worldwide.

Cost of postage and packing would be added to all book prices. Please call the number below with your order and to ascertain postage amount and payment method.

Twelve Steps to Spiritual Health

Twelve Steps to Spiritual Health

By Rev David Usher

A uniquely Unitarian guide to achieving spiritual health. Spiritual health gives life meaning and purpose. It is about being open to all life’s possibilities. It is manifest in serenity in the face of hardship, and in being faithful to one's own best convictions. Drawing on both his youthful employment as a jackaroo on sheep stations in Australia, and his thirty years’ experience as a minister in the England and America, David Usher provides simple yet lively illustrations of spirit enhancing activities and perceptions.

Lindsey Press, 2013, ISBN 978-0-85319-083-7, 130pp, Softback, £8.00 plus P&P.



By John Harley and Lyanne Mitchell

A3 doodle sheets to encourage children to use their imagination to explore some Unitarian themes and principles, and learn about the lives of some famous Unitarians. These doodle sheets can be used by families at home or as part of religious education sessions in congregations. There are suggestions on how to use the sheets and further activities to expand the topics; but the central focus is on setting free the creative imagination. This is a new and stimulating resource for children in Unitarian congregations.

Lindsey Press, 2013, A3 folder and eleven sheets, £6.00 plus £4 P&P.

Sing Your Faith

Sing Your Faith

Editors: Andrew M Hill, David Dawson

Two hundred and thirty-one hymns and songs with words and music; none of the words are in current UK Unitarian hymnbooks - it is therefore, in effect, a large supplement to existing books. The book is focused on recent material with many living Unitarian writers and composers represented. The words cover a variety of contemporary as well as traditional themes and musically it explores a wider range of styles than previous hymnbooks. Some 'Words for Worship' are included and detailed indices, including a subject index.

Lindsey Press, 2009, ISBN 978-0-85319-077-6, 479pp, Hardback, £12.00.

Hymns For Living

Hymns For Living

Literary Editor: Sydney H Knight
Music Editor: David Dawson

Three hundred and seventeen hymns blending the old with the new mixing the traditional with more contemporary concerns, and expressed in more modern idioms. The hymns are grouped into sections that reflect the Unitarian spiritual thrust, e.g. The Reflective Spirit, World-Wide Heritage, The Free Spirit, Personal Commitment, Love and Community, A Better World. A topical index points to the specific focus of the hymns and covers all the principal religious and seasonal celebrations. This hymn book – with words and music – reflects and supports the diversity in contemporary Unitarian worship.

Lindsey Press, 1985, ISBN 978-0-85319-075-2, Soft back, £7.50

Whats That

Unitarian? What's That?

By the Rev Cliff Reed
A booklet designed to introduce enquirers to the Unitarian faith by means of a simple question-and-answer formula, based mainly on questions that people have actually asked when encountering Unitarians for the first time. The text is used for our FAQ page on this website.

Lindsey Press, 2011, ISBN 978-0-85319-062-2, softback, £2.50 + p&p


'Till The Peoples All Are One' Darwin's Unitarian Connections

By the Rev Cliff Reed
Charles Darwin was connected to the Unitarian movement by a complex web of kinship and friendship, and by his unwavering commitment to causes such as the abolition of slavery. But to what extent - if any - are Unitarians justified in claiming the author of The origin of Species as 'one of their own'? And what are the implications of Darwin's ideas at a time when fundamentalists are trying to revive the old conflict between religion and science?

Lindsey Press, 2011, £7.50 + p&p

With Hearts and Minds 2

With Heart and Mind 2 (2010)

The Worship Panel responded to the success of the first anthology with a second book, this time with forty-five new authors. Many new themes are explored: grace, journeying, gifts, tradition, serenity, hospitality, questioning, prayer - to name but a few.
The format is the same: about a side of A5 for the mini-essay and a prayer or reflection on the same subject. Again, there is much useful material for worship, discussion and personal reflection.

ISBN 978-0-85319-078-3 Price £7

Gathering in Prayer

Gathering In Prayer

By a Northern Ireland Unitarian, Roger Courtney

Pervading the book are the themes of peace, love, wholeness, and reconciliation. Prayers invite a celebration of the oneness of all creation and the shared humanity of all people.

Lindsey Press, 2010, ISBN 978-0-85319-081-3 £8.00.

Sing Your Faith

Sacred Earth

By Rev Cliff Reed

Sacred Earth, a collection of prayers and meditations by the Reverend Cliff Reed, minister of Unitarian Meeting House, Ipswich, newly published by The Lindsey Press, draws inspiration from what he describes as 'the sacred landscape here in holy Suffolk where ancient monuments to faith rise from the tranquil valleys, bustling towns and rolling fields towards the eternal sky'.
Lindsey Press, 2010, ISBN 978-0-85319-079-0 £9.00.

Voices from the Past and Present

The Unitarian life

Voices from the Past and Present - edited by Stephen Lingwood
A thematic anthology of short texts by a wide range of Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists, presenting essential insights into a faith which is not always easy to define. Voices from the past are presented alongside voices from the present. Famous names appear alongside less well-known ones. This is a book to be used for personal reflection and public worship, and as a starting point for dialogue. The author hopes that it will be 'thumbed through, written on, and meditated with, not simply read once and put on a shelf'.
Lindsey Press, 2008, ISBN 978-0-85319-076-9
220pp, paperback, £9.99

The Larger View

The Larger View

Unitarians and World Religions - by the Rev Dr Vernon Marshall
This book represents the first major survey of inter-faith relations from a Unitarian perspective. It traces the development of Unitarian attitudes towards major world religions over the last 250 years, showing how Unitarian values and ideas have been influenced by close contact with Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and Judaic traditions, in addition to mainstream Christian thought.
Lindsey Press, 2007, ISBN 978-0-85319-074-5 130pp, paperback, £8.99

Marking the Days

Marking the Days

a Book of Occasional Services - edited by Kate Taylor
A collection of twenty services for special occasions, including Easter, homelessness Sunday, fair trade, Mothering Sunday, winter solstice, World AIDS Day and a celebration of teddy bears. It is a companion volume to 'Celebrating Life'. Lindsey Press, 2006, ISBN 0 85319 072 0, 101pp, spiral bound softback, £10.00.

Being Together

Being Together

Unitarians Celebrate Congregational Life - edited by Matthew F Smith
In this book 23 Unitarian contributors, both ministers and lay people, write from their own experience of creating religious fellowship. The main themes addressed are: enriching congregational life, relating to the wider community, growing congregations and new ways of 'being together'.
Lindsey Press, 2006, ISBN 0 85319 073 9, 177pp, softback, £7.99.

Waiting to be Discovered

Waiting To Be Discovered

Revealing Life's Hidden Possibilities - edited by the Rev Johanna Boeke and the Rev Joy Croft
The third in a series of meditational manuals, this book is a treasure chest of poems, prayers and reflections revealing the untapped strength and inspiration available to us in nature, from human relationships and within ourselves.
Unitarian Worship Committee, 2003, ISBN 0 9535412 2 3, 88pp, softback, £8.00.

Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life

A book of special services for use in the Unitarian and Free Christian tradition
edited by Andrew M Hill

A collection of services for special occasions including birth, marriage, death and blessings of same-sex unions. Awarded an Institute of Social Inventions Award in 1993.
Lindsey Press, 1995 (reprinted 1999), spiral bound softback, ISBN 0 85319 041 0, 243pp, £14.00

Green and Dying

Reflections on growth and change gathered by the Rev Celia Midgley
A collection of prayers and meditations with colour illustrations.
(Unitarian General Assembly Worship Committee, 1999, ISBN 0 95354 120 7, softback, £6.00

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