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Servetus: Our 16th Century Contemporary

Servetus: Our 16th Century Contemporary

A new book has been published on the life of the Unitarian martyr Michael Servetus who was burned at the stake in Calvinist Geneva for heresy in 1553. "Servetus - Our 16th Century Contemporary" is a brief introduction to the life and teachings of Servetus, an early Unitarian thinker, scientist and pioneer of religious freedom. The publication has been produced by the International Association for Religious Freedom and was co-edited by Richard Boeke and Patrick Wynne Jones.

Derek McAuley, Chief Officer of the Unitarian General Assembly has welcomed the publication as a contribution to religious freedom in this the 500th anniversary of the birth of Servetus.

"What is most interesting is that, with the modern day focus on Islam and the West, the book highlights the relationship between Servetus and Islam, both in his life and his writings, during a period of religious and civil conflict in the 16th Century. Indeed this was a period of "all-out global war" yet Servetus's view "was basically tolerant of Islam, recognizing it as a legitimate, though imperfect, form of worshipping the One God" (Jaume de Marcos Andreu)".

The General Assembly is pleased to support the publication financially.

The book is available from Essex Hall at just £3 plus £0.79p postage. Please call Essex Hall on 020 7240 2384 to place your order - payable by credit or debit card or send your cheque (payable to GA of Unitarian & FCC) to Audrey Longhurst, Unitarian HQ, 1 Essex Street, London WC2R 3HY.