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Unitarian Universalist Christians of Pakistan (UUCP) was founded in 1991 as a confederation of self-help groups.
Contact: Inderias Dominic Bhattiinderiasb55@hotmail.com


The Universalist Church of the Philippines was established in the early 1950s on the initiative of the Rev. Toribio S. Quimada. This body was renamed the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines in 1988. There are 15 Unitarian Universalist congregations, all on the islands of Negros, Panay and Mindanao with a membership of over 400 people.
Contact: Rebecca Quimada Sienes
Email: uucpphil@mozcom.com


In April 1997 the Polish Unitarian Church held its Founding Synod using a constitution registered with the Polish authorities in January 1997. This church is based in Warsaw, with some contacts elsewhere in Poland. It represents the merger of three post-World War I liberal religious strands: (a) a Panmonist (i.e. Universalist) group in Warsaw founded by Rev Marcin Lubecki; (b) a fellowship in Warsaw led by Rev Janusz Ostrowski but largely destroyed during the Second World War; and (c) the re-established Union of Polish Brethren started by Rev Karol Grycz-Smilowski in 1936. The latter suffered a takeover by Pentecostals who wanted a registered church organisation to get around their sect image so the Unitarians formed a new Union of Polish Brethren, Unitarian. This latter group is active today mainly in Silesia. The impetus for a merger and official registration came from wishing to avoid being considered a sect, which has real disadvantages under Polish law. Polish Unitarians are affiliated to the ICUU through the umbrella organisation, the Association of Unitarian Universalists in the Polish Republic.

Warsaw Unitarians meet in a Warsaw Reformed Church and can be contacted via Roger Domagalski, The contact person for the Silesian group is Dr Helmut Iwa, Wspolnoty Unitarian Uniwersalistow w Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, Rada Naczelna, ul. Wolnosci 91 A 10/5, 41-500 Chorzow, POLAND


A fully organised Unitarian church has existed in Transylvania since its foundation by Bishop Francis David in 1568. The total membership is 80,000.
Dr Elek Rezi, The Bishop's Office, Unitarian Church in Transylvania, 3400 Cluj, B-dul 21 Decembrie Nr 14, ROMANIA


Two small groups have become established in recent years in St. Petersburg and Moscow.
Contact: Vitaly Veriguine

South Africa

The first South African Unitarian congregation was founded in Cape Town in 1867. There is a church in Cape Town and congregations in surrounding suburbs: Somerset West, Southern Peninsula and Northern Suburbs (Afrikaans speaking.) The website for these groups is www.capetownunitarian.org.za and the current minister is Rev. Roux Malan at rouxmalan@gmail.com . There are two other fellowships in Durban, and Johannesburg.
Contact: Gordon Oliver
Email: gordonroliver@metroweb.co.za
Website: www.unitarian.co.za


Email: suue@uuhispano.zzn.com

Sri Lanka

Since 1992 a community of some 3,500 people has developed. The title of the group is the Unitarian Universalist Association of Sri Lanka.
Contact: Walter Jayewardene
Email: walter@panlanka.net

United States of America

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) represents the consolidation in 1961 of two religious denominations: the Universalists organised in 1793, and the Unitarians organised in 1825. The UUA is composed of member congregations serving about 157,000 adults and 61,000 church school children in over 1000 churches and fellowships in the United States.
President: Peter Morales
Tel: 00-1 (617) 742 2100
Fax: 00-1 617 367 3237
Website: www.uua.org

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