Hindley Unitarian Chapel

Charity Number: 258847

Hindley Unitarian Chapel stands in a Liberal Christian tradition which also values and draws upon the streams of spirituality from the various world religions. Everyone, whatever their religious orientation or belief system, will find a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the fellowship of our chapel.



Weekly Spiritual Activities

We hold a Sunday service each week at 10.45 am and a meditation group every Wednesday at 8 pm. The Sunday service usually has a Liberal Christian emphasis incorporating the spiritual/ religious teachings and insights of other world traditions. The meditation group is an interfaith fellowship including teachings and practices from the different meditational / contemplative traditions of the world. We also conduct baptism/naming ceremonies, weddings/marriage blessings, and funeral/memorial services, tailored to the particular needs and requests of the persons involved.

Other Activities and Event

From time-to-time we organise weekend and day workshops, evening concerts, etc, which are open to the public. These include: choral concerts, meditation, dance, story-telling events etc., and we have regular meetings to discuss ways in which we might promote and expand these activities in the future.

Other Use of the Chapel Premises

The rooms adjoining the chapel are used throughout the week by a play-group during the day and a dance class for young people in the evenings. The rooms are also used by a Wiccan study group each month and for seasonal festivals, weekend workshops and other occasional events

History of the Congregation

The congregation dates back to the mid-17th century as a nonconformist group in a local Anglican church. They were eventually excluded by the Anglican bishop and proceeded to build their own place of worship in 1700 called "The Protestant Dissenting Chapel". Until the early 20th century they were a Presbyterian community, and in 1928 they joined the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, and have happily continued as a member congregation since then.


The Congregation:



Presbyterian Chapel (Unitarian), Presbyterian Fold, Market Street, Hindley, Wigan, Lancashire.

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