Unitarians urge support for British Red Cross Appeal for Nepal

Nepal Appeal photoThe Executive Committee of the General Assembly is issuing the following appeal to all congregations, districts, affiliated societies and individual Unitarians:

We have been deeply moved by the recent earthquake in Nepal and feel that Unitarians throughout the UK will wish to do all they can to help those who are suffering as a result. You will recall that the 2014 General Assembly passed a motion asking the Executive Committee to issue this type of appeal.

Following the earthquake, more than 3,000 people have died and nearly 6,000 injured. The earthquake, the worst to have hit in 81 years, measured 7.9 on the Richter Scale and struck the Kathmandu Valley at 6am on 25 April. More than 70 aftershocks have been felt and are still continuing, with further damage still a threat. It is estimated that 2 million people have been affected and 1.6 million displaced.

We ask that each congregation, district and affiliated society agrees to donate an absolute minimum of £10 immediately to the Red Cross – Clara Barton Fund Nepal Appeal; £10 will buy 5 blankets; £15 will buy a cooking set for 5 people;  £282 will buy a tent for a family.

The Clara Barton Fund is a British Red Cross fund set up in memory of Clara Barton, who was a founding member of the American Red Cross and a Unitarian Universalist.  This fund has been specially created for Unitarians to donate to Emergency appeals

The President of the General Assembly, Rev John Clifford said "3,000 and counting: natural disasters occur all too frequently in our world and the earthquake in Nepal has not only killed many and made more homeless, this quake has destroyed large parts of ther cultural heritage and infrastructure.  The need is great and urgent;  as your President I urge you to contribute to the international relief effort through our Clara Barton account with the Red Cross as described above."

Donations by cheque should be sent to

 Laura Deacon
 British Red Cross,
 44 Moorfields, London, EC2Y 9AL

Cheques should be made payable to British Red Cross with ‘Clara Barton Nepal Appeal’ clearly marked on the back, or alternatively, you can donate online  at Unitarian Churches Clara Barton Appeal fundraising page.