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The youth programme follows the Unitarian ethos that we are all free to explore our own beliefs and views on life. Our values of respect, tolerance and compassion towards others are reflected in the activities we offer. Our youth leaders aim to create safe spaces where young people can explore their identity and direction in life. Participants are encouraged to celebrate diversity and difference in each other whilst cherishing all that binds us.

We enjoy seeing our young people relaxing, laughing and having fun together. Everybody’s thoughts and opinions join together helping to create a rich and inspiring atmosphere. Our activities are open to those who want to join a welcoming and encouraging community. The participants who attend our weekends come from Unitarian and other religious traditions, while others do not adhere to any faith. Most of our events are held at The Nightingale Centre, Great Hucklow www.thenightingalecentre.org.uk in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside.

You will find the national Unitarian website at: www.unitarian.org.uk

If you are part of a congregation in the London and South-East District please print off and return our questionaire about your youth. UnikidsQuestSep11.pdf

Greetings Card
We now have a fabulous greetings card that has been designed and produced by the youth department. If you wish to order these cards - that are blank on the inside and so are suitable for all occasions, please click on the button below. A pack of 10 cards is £4.95 (p&p 60p). All profits are going towards the costs of running the youth programme. Remember 10 free cards when ordering 5 packs or more.