Let's Talk About Race

Let's Talk About Race Thursday 25th June, 7-9pm Online talk and discussion

Let's Talk About Race
Thursday 25th June, 7-9pm
Online talk and discussion

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In response to the recent anti-racism protests, we invite you to an open-hearted online discussion. Looking back to hear stories of white supremacy systems of racism, and share our experiences and concerns. Also looking forward to consider how we can support anti-racism action in the future.

Opening and introduction – Rev Kate Dean, Minister, Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel, Hampstead.

UK White Supremacy Systems: Why I never knew the history of Liverpool with slavery – Unitarian Elder, Margaret Perry, Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel.

Black and the UK. The negative portrayal of black history, the discrimination and racism suffered by the Windrush generation past to present; Sharing positive contributions of black people to UK history – Garry Stewart, Director at Recognize Black Heritage and Culture.

Being our authentic self: The challenges of people of colour to be ourselves – Rev Winnie Gordon, Minister, UNM Birmingham and Kidderminster Unitarians Churches.

Recognising our White Privileges – Dr Judy Ryde, Psychotherapist

Breakout Discussions and Feedback

Moving forward: What we can do – Rev Cody Coyne, Minister, Cross Street Chapel, Manchester.


Concluding comments - Liz Slade, Chief Officer, General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches


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Jennifer Sanders

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Pastoral Support Team

If you have been affected by the discussions in this event and want to talk to someone, please email one of the following volunteers within the next week. The event organisers have adopted a model which gives a contact person based on race or ethnicity, in order to support our participants appropriately.

Please include your phone number and they will call you back.

Winnie Gordon  (Black participants)

Kate Dean (Multi-racial/mixed heritage)

James Chiri (Chiriyankandath) (Asian and Middle Eastern diaspora)

Kate McKenna  (White participants)

Maria Curtis (White participants)

June 25th, 2020 12:00 AM   to   July 25th, 2020 12:00 AM