European Unitarian Universalist (EUU) Fall Retreat

Engage your Heart and Feed Your Spirit– It’s all Happening in Spa

The annual EUU fall retreat will be held in the hills above beautiful Spa, Belgium. The Corsendonk Sol Cress Center has been a favourite UU retreat site for many years, and is the top choice for the Netherlands fellowship.  (Yes, yes, we know that Belgium is not part of the Netherlands, but it’s in the Benelux, right?). Retreats feed the spirit and build our community.

And then there are the workshops. And excursions. And quiet time… to just breathe.

Of course, UUs also come to retreats to hear from the luminaries among us, and this retreat is no exception with the Reverend Diane Rollert speaking about, “Engaging the Heart, Ways to Spirit.”

Diane says, “As Unitarians and Universalists, we have the freedom to chart our own spiritual paths, yet we live with a challenging dichotomy. We’re often caught in thinking mode. We question and we analyse, while our hearts cry out for deeper spiritual experience....".

A final note: When you are packing, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit because Spa’s famous thermal baths are an easy walk from the retreat center.

Registration will open soon. Go to EUU website or watch the Unifier for details. Questions? Contact us at

Go to the video link to hear from Diane.


October 27th, 2017 9:00 AM   to   October 29th, 2017 5:00 PM