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Memoirs of T.Lindsey 1812 pdf History
Acton's Lectures - Dignity, Office and Work of our Lord Jesus Christ - Unitarian views of the Gospel Henry Acton 1833 pdf History
Observations on Heresy and Orthodoxy Joseph Blanco White M.A. 1835 pdf Theology
Unitarianism Defended - Paradise St Chapel, Liverpool in 1839 in reply to some CofE lectures entitled 'Unitarian Confuted' 1839 pdf History
Gems from Matthew Henry 1850 pdf Theology
A History of the Corruptions of Christianity Joseph Priestley 1871 pdf Theology, History
The Perfect Life Dr. William Channing D.D. 1873 pdf History
Life and Writings of Theodore Parker Albert Reville D.D. 1877 pdf History
Reasonable Religion 1883 pdf Theology
Unitarian Handbook of Scriptual Robert Spears 1883 pdf History
Early Sources of English Unitarian Christianity Gaston Bonet-Maury 1884 pdf Theology
What has Unitarianism done for the people Rev. Joseph Taylor 1885 Theology
Bartholomew Legate: The Last Smithfield Martyr Florence Gregg 1886 pdf History
Home Councels Gertude Martineau 1889 pdf History
The Story of Theophilus Lindsey and his Friends 1890 pdf History
Manchester College, Oxford Proceedings and Addresses on the Occasion of the Opening of the College Buildings and Dedication of the Chapel 1893 pdf History
The Beginnings of Christendom W G Tarrant 1893 pdf Theology
Essex Hall Lecture 1893 Theology in English Poetry Stofford A. Brooke 1893 pdf Essex Hall Lectures
Common-Sense Theology 1893 pdf Theology
Heads of English Unitarian History Alexander Gordon M.A. 1895 pdf History, Theology