Cloud 9 Youth Event

9.30am-8pm / 20 March 2021 / Online


The Unitarians present Cloud 9: an alternative online space for young people to relax, have fun and make last friendships.

20 March 2021 (Booking deadline: 16 March 2021)

Cloud9 is made up of various sessions for different age groups. We’ve tried to provide something for everyone – from toddlers and their families right up to folk in their mid 20s. There are 7 sessions in total. Scroll down to find out more about each one.

Session One: Puppet Song Time

Action songs and fun rhymes for early years. Bring along a snack and puppet to join in! Come and join us! You’d be most welcome!

Audience: Pre – school children and their families.

Start time: 9:30am. Duration: 15 minutes.

Leaders: Rosemary

Equipment needed (if any): Snack and puppet (optional)

Session Two: Our Connections

What connections do you have? Who do you connect with? What do you connect with? We will be exploring these questions during our session and representing our connections in a creative and artistic way. This will be a fun and interactive session with opportunities to build and share our own new connections with new friends from across the country.

Audience: Young people aged 6 – 11 years

Start time: 10:00am. Duration: 1 hour (max).

Leaders: Caroline and Claire

Equipment needed (if any): Pieces of paper (e.g. printer paper, coloured paper or patterned-paper), a piece of string or ribbon, pens or colouring pencils for writing and colouring, scissors and printed photographs/pictures of things you have a connection with e.g. sport, friends, family and places you like to visit (this is optional otherwise you are welcome to draw these).

Session Three: Thunks, Hmmms, and other things to blow your mind!

Exercise your brain in a fun, positive and friendly way and meet new friends!

Audience: Young people aged 10 – 14 years

Start time: 1:00pm. Duration: 30-45 minutes.

Leaders: Andrew & Transformers::GameChangers participants

Equipment needed (if any): Pencil and paper

Session Four: Building Connections

A time for us to get together and explore why connections with each other are important and what can change these connections. In this session we will get creative as we explore connections by chatting, thinking and doing fun hands – on activities.

Audience: Young people aged 10 – 14 years

Start time: 2:00pm. Duration: 1 hour.

Leaders: Kieren and Nicola

Equipment needed (if any):

1. spare/recycled paper/card/newspaper/magazines etc

2. binding materials (i.e. tape, glue, string, tac)

Session Five: Puppet Song and Celebration Time

During this time we’ll enjoy more fun and rhyme time with Rosemary as well as celebrate the amazing creations produced by our young people as part of Session Two: Our Connections.

Audience: Pre – school children and their families as well as those who attended Session Two: Our Connections and wish to share their fabulous creations.

Start time: 3:30pm. Duration: 30 minutes.

Leaders: Rosemary, Caroline, Claire & Gav

Equipment needed (if any): Snack and puppet (optional) as well as creations from Session Two: Our Connections.

Session Six: Bad Coffee Club

Come join us at Bad Coffee Club! A group created by young people for young people. It’s a fun and supportive online space for us to meet, relax and form lasting friendships – a space built on kindness, mutual respect and a desire to live life to the full. Our session will involve a short check – in, a lot of gaming and a quick check – out. Newcomers and regulars welcome. Hope you see you there.

Audience: Young people aged 13 – 18 years

Duration: 1 hour. Start time: 5:00pm.

Leaders: Bad Coffee Club Team

Equipment needed (if any): None

Session Seven: #Blessed

Come and join us for a light-hearted and fun insight into the virtual world (for now!) of #Blessed, a group of 16 to 22 year olds based out of Gellionen Chapel near Swansea, South Wales. We aim to run a usual #Blessed Zoom Meet based around our ever-evolving meeting format, including work (less so in this one!) and play (interactive fun based around the theme of connection).

Audience: Young people aged 16 – 25 years

Start time: 7:00pm. Duration: 1 hour.

Leaders: #Blessed Team

Equipment needed (if any): None

Additional Information

Registration closes on Tuesday 16th March 2021. This is to provide time for our volunteer leaders to meet and finalise their plans in light of the numbers registered.

All session links will be circulated via email 3 days before the event.

Though a free event, donations are very welcome and much appreciated. Visit our ‘Support Us’ page for more details. Please reference ‘Cloud9’ when making your contribution.

For full information and to register, visit the Eventbrite site here.

Connect with Cloud 9 on Facebook.

Alternatively, email Gavin Howell, Youth Coordinator for The General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches.