Exploring Inclusivity and racism in Unitarian Worship

6-8pm / 8 May 2021 / Online

Focus Group Discussion: BAME only event.

Calling all Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic and White-Passing individuals who attend Unitarian congregations.

‘Exploring Inclusivity and racism in Unitarian Worship’: A Master’s research project by Rev Winnie Gordon

8 May 2021, 6pm-8pm, via Zoom

“The question we face as individuals, therefore, becomes whether we are content to be passive in accepting that, or whether we want to be active in trying to change those systems. In this conception, the opposite of racist is not ‘non-racist’, it must be ‘ANTI-RACIST’.” – Paul Kissack, CEO, Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

If you have not yet expressed an interest in joining the discussion, please do get in touch.

Contact Rev Winnie Gordon by email for more information and the Zoom details.