On The Side of Liberty: A Unitarian Historical Miscellany

Alan Ruston has been researching the history of British Unitarianism, and writing about it in his typically trenchant style, for nearly 50 years. For this new volume, published by Lindsey Press, the in-house publishing arm of the General Assembly, he has selected a range of articles from his published output, to present some of the individuals who have shaped the development of Unitarian thought over the past 300 years.
From the famous to the almost forgotten, the singular individuals encountered in this book all upheld religious or political liberty, sometimes at great cost to themselves. Alan considers them in their particular historical contexts and brings them to life with distinctive extracts from their own writings.

An active Unitarian and former President of the General Assembly, Alan Ruston has held many posts within the movement, most notably as the Chair of the British and Foreign Unitarian Association (Inc), and President of the Unitarian Historical Society.
The book is available from Unitarian Headquarters (020 7240 2384) and costs £9.50 plus £1.50 P&P or from online booksellers.