Chalice Lighting Words


Chalice Lighting 

Chalice Lighting 
Stephen Lingwood
Chalice Lighting We light this chalice, symbol of the Light within us and around us.
 May this gathering for worship enlighten our hearts and our minds and our souls.
 And may the Inner Light of the Spirit be kindled by our time together.



Chalice Lighting 
Rev Ant Howe
 I look around this chapel today and I’m glad to see you.
 I can only guess how each of you is feeling today. 
 Some of you are happy to be here. 
 Some of you have had a rough week and almost didn’t come.
 Some of you have sorrow in your hearts.
 Others are celebrating a significant event. 
 Maybe you’re here because you are considering celebrating your marriage with us,
 Or maybe you just came out of curiosity.
 Whatever the reason, know that you are welcome.
 May something in our worship today meet your needs and connect you with God. 
 As I kindle this symbol of light – our Flaming Chalice – think for a moment about why you’ve come here today, and what it is you hope this hour of worship might bring.


Chalice Lighting 
Rev Dr Linda Hart
 We light this chalice as a symbol of the spark of life which abides within us and around us.
 May it be as a light in a dark night, a light in a window that welcomes the weary traveller home.
 May it be as a light in the hand of a trusted friend, that guides us along the path.
 May it be as the light in the face of one we love, bright with joy.


Chalice Lighting 
Peter Teets
May the light we now kindle
 Inspire us to use our powers
 To heal and not to harm,
 To help and not to hinder,
 To bless and not to curse,
 To uphold the Spirit of Freedom!


Chalice Lighting (1)
Yvonne Aburrow
 As we light this transitory flame 
 May a perpetual flame burn in our hearts 
 As we lift up this earthen chalice 
 May our hearts be filled with living waters 


Chalice Lighting (2)
Yvonne Aburrow
 We gather here within these walls 
 Hallowed by the community 
 that has gathered here over the centuries. 
 Countless hands have tended the flame of fellowship 
 and countless more will keep the light burning. 
 As we light the chalice flame today 
 Let us not hide our light under a bushel 
 but be a beacon of hope to all around us. 
Chalice Lighting (3)
Yvonne Aburrow
 The chalice is the fullness of life's experiences 
 And the emptiness of innocent openness to wonder 
 As we light the chalice flame 
 Let us explore the empire of the senses, 
 Let us celebrate experience and experiment: 
 the twin expressions of freedom, reason and tolerance. 


Chalice Lighting (4)
Yvonne Aburrow
The flame rises from the chalice 
 as prayer proceeds from the heart. 
 The flame spends itself in giving light 
 But the heart is never spent in prayer. 
 May our hearts be inflamed with love 
 for all that is. 


Chalice Lighting (5)
Yvonne Aburrow
The flame consumes the wick, 
 Constantly changing and dancing 
 Sharing its radiance with us. 
 So may our souls be aflame with divine love 
 Sharing our radiance with others. 


Chalice Lighting 
Andrew Usher
 When you celebrate, celebrate well, but remember 
 that nearby someone is grieving; and when you grieve, 
 grieve well, but remember that nearby someone is 
 Therefore, as we gather here in this special place, we mark 
 both grief and celebration. For absent friends, and for 
 those whose company we enjoy right now, we light this 

The first paragraph is a frequent saying of the late Dr Fran Barry, formerly of University College Cork. 


Chalice Lighting 
Rev David Usher
We light this candle as a symbol of our faith.
 By its light may our vision be illumined;
 By its warmth may our fellowship be encouraged;
 And by its flame may our yearnings for peace, justice and the life of the spirit be enkindled.


Chalice Lighting 
Rev Andy Pakula
Let this light remind us of the sacred flame of life that blazes within
 Constant, yet ever-changing
 Burning, yet never consumed
 O inner light of soul and spirit
 Lead our minds to greater understanding
 Lead our hearts to love more fully
 And lead our hands to create justice


Animal Service Chalice Lighting 
Andrew Usher
We light this chalice thinking of the Spark of
 Life which infuses all creation. 
 From the smallest bacterium to the greatest whale, 
through the myriad shapes and sizes, 
we recognise the Life-Force sustaining all, 
and we give thanks that we are able to share it. 
(included in Marking the Days.)


Chalice Lighting for a Naming Ceremony
Andrew Usher
As is the tradition here, we start our service by lighting a flaming chalice, the symbol of our church and a 
 visible reminder of that divine spark of life which is a part of 
 every human being and which today we greet particularly in 
Shared Candle-lighting
Andrew Usher
To the quiet beauty of this place, we have come 
from many places and with many thoughts. I invite you now, 
if you wish, to come forward and light a peaceful candle: 
either in silence or with just a few words to share a joy or 
a sorrow which you have brought with you this morning.