Closing Words


Closing Words

Martin Gienke


As we sizzle in summer, fall into fall, then wither in winter
Now let us spring into spring
As the joy of each bud breaks forth
let our hearts burst
With the warmth and radiance of renewal
New life, new hope
Let us spring into spring


Deep within you
Rev Andy Pakula


There is a place of peace
A place of wisdom,
A place of love.
May this sacred centre be your guide 
May it be you strength for the journey
May it fill you with hope when all seems hopeless
And may it lead you to know the sacredness in all. 


Walk bravely
Martin Gienke
 Facing the truth
With goodness in your heart
And beauty in your actions


Closing Words
Rev Dr Linda Hart


May the icy fingers of winter release their grip,
may you be warmed and enlivened 
May spring unfurl her blossoms all around you,
may you be opened and renewed.
And may you share the gift of warmth, and openness
all through your life,
in the days to come until we meet again.


Closing Words
Angela Maher


We are blessed with an abundance of good things for we which we are truly thankful, as long as we remember them. 
We are priviledged with great freedom and power, for which in return we act with responsibility. 
We are lucky to have shared this time and space together, because we are lucky to have each other. 
May the spirit of this place and these friends go with us into the busy city. 
Closing Blessings
Closing Blessings
Yvonne Aburrow
Just as Darwin and Newton, Einstein and Hawking saw the world with fresh eyes and wondered at the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the stars, so may you behold the world with wonder and amazement. 
May the spirit of constant change 
Be ever renewing itself in your hearts 
Pruning, composting, and growing 
That you may bear blossom and fruit. 
O Beloved Community 
Suffused with the Divine Presence 
We will carry you in our hearts always. 
Whatever is sacred to you, may it be a blessing to you. 
May you be able to hold it lightly, like a bird in the hand, 
So that it will always return to you when you let it go. 
Whatever is sacred to you, may it be a blessing to you. 
May we take with us
Rev Ant Howe
May we take with us some of the joy of this gathering..... 
May we go forward with hope..... 
May we live rightly, in peace with one another.... 
And may we know the blessing of God until we gather here again. 
May the love of God...
Rev Ant Howe
May the love of God surround us,
May the peace of God assure us,
And may the blessing of God rest with us
Until we gather here again.
We give thanks for life
Andrew Usher
We give thanks for life: 
For fellowship and love; 
For the songs of birds 
and the beauty of flowers; 
For the memories of people and places 
long since gone; 
For hope, bursting new each morning with the sun, 
and peace coming with the close of day 
and the end of a journey. 
For all that gives meaning to existence 
we give thanks 
In freedom, hope, fellowship and love. 
This Benediction was written to be followed by the 'Communal Blessing' used at Golders Green Unitarians ('In the name of us all...' by Keith Gilley, included in Sing Your Faith). Included in Marking the Days.
Andrew Usher
Through the rain and the sun, 
Go your ways with gladness: 
With Love in your hearts, 
Peace in your minds 
And Beauty touching your soul.