Executive Committee Election 2017



Nominations are sought for the Executive Committee of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches. There are six vacancies.

Candidates must be Full, Honorary or Associate members of the General Assembly or a member of a constituent congregation for whom a quota has been paid by their congregation. They should not be a student in training for the Unitarian ministry, a close family member of anyone employed by the GA, or connected professionally with Popularis. Requirements for the position are set out below.

Members wishing to nominate themselves for election to the Executive Committee should contact Popularis Ltd, Nutsey Lane, Totton, Southampton, SO40 3RL Tel: 02380 867335 Email: annehock@popularis.org on or after Monday 5 December 2016.
Nominations close at 5.00pm on Monday 23 January 2017.

Popularis will send appropriate documents to candidates by email or by post.  Nomination sheets must be countersigned by an official of a Unitarian congregation(s) or organisation supporting the nomination.  The congregation(s) must comprise ten or more quota members. Forms should be returned to Popularis by 5.00pm on 23 January 2017.

A full set of the documents is below.

Further information is available on the General Assembly website. www.unitarian.org.uk or from Derek McAuley, Chief Officer at Essex Hall.  Details of the election process will also be sent to secretaries of all congregations and districts.


  • Demonstrate 3 years active commitment to the Unitarian community
  • Be in sympathy with the Objects of the General Assembly
  • Be eligible to stand in accordance with legal requirements

Essential Requirements

  1.  Experience in one or other of the following:
  • An officer or member of a congregational/district governing body.
  • An officer or member of a committee of an affiliated body.
  • An officer or member of a charity trustee body or similar eg voluntary organisations such as a sports club or parent teacher association.
  • As a Minister, Lay Pastor or Lay Person in Charge of a Unitarian congregation
  •  Good understanding of the Unitarian community
  • Confidentiality
  • Desirable attributes include any or all of the following:

    • Leadership
    • Strategy development
    • Communication skills
    • Decision making
    • Representation
    • Financial awareness
    • Team working

    Popularis Ltd, Independent Election Supervisor, Nutsey Lane, Totton, Southampton, SO40 3RL Tel: 02380 867335 Email: annehock@popularis.org have again been chosen to run the election. 

    5 December 2016      Nominations open (7 weeks for nominations)
    23 January 2017       Nominations close
    6 February 2017       Information Booklet and ballot papers sent out
    13 February 2017      Election starts (5 weeks voting period)
    17 March 2017          Election closes
    20 March 2017          Full Result to be announced by Popularis
    13 April 2017            New EC takes up office at GA Annual Meetings

    If there are six or fewer members nominated they will be deemed to be elected unopposed. The full result, including details of votes cast, will be announced.

    The names, backgrounds, personal statements and a recent photograph of those nominated will be published on Uni-news, the GA website and in the Unitarian press. They will also be published in the Candidate Information Booklet to be sent to all voters.

    The Candidate Information Booklet and ballot papers will be sent out to Full and Honorary members and to secretaries of all congregations during the week commencing 6 February 2017.  Associate members will receive a letter inviting them to request an individual voting paper from Popularis if they are not voting as a member of a congregation. 

    The voting system will be that agreed for 2014. The total number of votes to be cast by each voting member will equal the number of vacancies – six (6). 

    Results will be published on Uni-News, the GA website and in the Unitarian press as soon as possible after the election closes.

    Electoral Panel
    Jill Hudson, Gavin Mason, and Howard Wilkins
    1 November 2016