The World Needs Love
Philip Sudworth
Tune: Finlandia
Words: Philip Sudworth 


The world needs love; so many hearts are hurting.
Lord, work through us, help us to spread your peace,
bringing to all - through your forgiving spirit -
freedom from guilt, from bitterness release.
Reconcile us; help us to share your calmness,
’till anger stills and all our conflicts cease. 


The world needs hope, a vision for the future,
what life might be, if all would live in you.
Help us to lead - through your transforming spirit - 
lives that reflect what you would have us do,
to share our gifts, show forth your loving kindness,
encourage all to find their hope in you. 


The world needs faith, a willing dedication
of all we are and all we might yet be.
Help us to serve - through your empowering spirit -
in active faith in our community.
Love for each soul, respecting and upholding,
declares the worth of all humanity. 


The world needs joy, a sense of celebration
that human lives have such diversity.
Help us to see - through your dynamic spirit -
each person’s part in life’s vitality.
Sharing our joys, supporting others’ sorrows
make our small world a better place to be. 
© Philip Sudworth 2002
There is but one good vision
Andie Camper

Tune: Thornbury.


There is but one good vision,
That age to age remains,
It has been there through all time
Though often one may doubt,
That vision that unites us 
Is showing love around
To others on our journey 
By word and deed and thought.


To find those lost in darkness,
And share with them our light.
To feed those who are hungry
And need a hand in life.
To heal the broken hearted
And bring them light and love
To speak against oppressions 
To see all people freed.


It is a task made easier,
When others we may see,
Have in their life and journey
Shown love to those around.
By bringing peace and justice
The way ahead they've shown
A way that we can follow 
In spirit and in truth.


We seek through meditation
And prayer our way ahead.
That what we do is pleasing
To God our living head.
That in our songs and worship
The light of Christ we shed.
Our vision still is goodness
That leads the way ahead.