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Words Used Before a Period of Silence

Words Before Silence
Andrew Usher


We pause again in shared silence, that instead of speaking words 
from our mouths we may speak love from our hearts. 
... we share in that good silence which requires no words. 
... we pause now in that shared good silence which requires 
no words. 
... we pause now in that shared good silence which needs no 
Let us pause now in shared silence. You may wish to recite 
the prayer of Jesus. You may wish to meditate on the 
candle. You may wish simply to let your mind wander. But 
in this place, no matter how we approach it, let us be quiet 

'The good silence' is a phrase used by William Schmidt.


Words to lead into a time of silence
Angela Maher

We live wondrous lives together, here on this little green and blue planet, with the awe and beauty of the universe above and below us, the miracle of life around us, and the magic of human consciousness within us. Let us now quiet our consciousness and become aware of the stillness within.


Prayer after silence
Andrew Usher
Though we stand alone as the strings of a lute, 
still we may quiver with the same music; and even as the 
oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow, 
yet they may share a garden; so may we stand tall and 
united as the pillars of the temple, that the winds of the 
heavens may dance among us. 


This prayer, written in July 2002, was inspired by words of Kahlil Gibran (See 'Marriage', from The Prophet; and was written for use in a service with the theme 'Unity in Diversity').


Naming Ceremony

Words for a Naming Ceremony
Andrew Usher
(Name), in the name of the highest and 
holiest we know, which is called Love, I bid you welcome to 
this world. 
May all the blessings of life and love be yours as you grow 
in body and in spirit.