Worship Materials

We offer a range of material that can be used by individuals and congregations for local services, special occasions or personal inspiration. If you have an idea for a future worship pack, please Contact Us.

Family-friendly Worship

Read our guide to family friendly worship suitable for children and adults of all ages. Also, take a look at the worship packs for Seniors and Juniors in the Themed Worship Pack list below.

Worship Words

Click on the links below to view the material. You should always credit the author of the work if you use these words in worship.

Themed Worship Packs

The following Worship Packs are published by the General Assembly. They can be downloaded by clicking the title for no charge and printed versions are available from the General Assembly at a cost of £2 each. To order, please Contact Us.

Day of Peace Worship Pack Worship Resource Material for the Unitarian Day of Prayer for Peace compiled by John Philip Carter and edited by Sue Woolley on behalf of the Local Leadership Strategy Group (September 2013).

200th Aniversary of Unitarian Toleration Act is a worship pack to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Unitarian Toleration Act, 1813 or Unitarian Relief Act with a focus on how Unitarians achieved their religious freedom and how the struggle for religious freedom continues today.

Dear Future Words by young Unitarians attending a Senior Weekend residential gathering. (2012)

Senior Pack Identity, self esteem, love and feeling young - a worship pack for young people.

Junior Pack A worship pack for junior-aged children based on the theme of the Four Seasons.

Gertrude Von Petzold Marking 100 years since the induction of England's first woman minister.

Compassionate 'Sing In My Heart all the Stirrings of Compassion'. A Worship Resource Pack inspired by the Charter for Compassion.

Being Connected is the worship pack that has been put together by the Worship Panel specifically for GA Sunday (June 26th) and other occasions when our ‘connectedness’ is to be celebrated.

Rabindranath Tagore - A worship resource pack to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Tagore.

Michael Servetus - A worship resource to mark the 500th anniversary of his birth. Worship Service - Extra Material - Mock Interview

Elizabeth Gaskell - 29th September 1810 - 12th November 1865. A worship resource to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Elizabeth Gaskell

A Celebration of Human Rights and Responsibilities - A Service Marking the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 10th December, 1948

Theophilus Lindsey (1723-1808) – The Reluctant Dissenter?

Worship Is - A service encouraging us to think about the meaning of worship and share our thoughts and experiences with one another.

A Generous Communion - Communion comes from the same root as community.

A Flower Communion - A celebration of the good things of life as given and received through the fellowship of a congregation, symbolised in the giving and receiving of flowers.

Charles Darwin - The Fruits of Heresy.