Automatic Enrolment (AE)

Automatic enrolment (AE)

The guidance on the pages listed below, which the GA offers to Unitarian congregations and other bodies, has been prepared by the solicitor to the Ministers’ Pension Fund (Roderick Ramage) and is available free of charge.  By following all or any of the links to those pages you accept and agree to the following disclaimer.


The notes and forms on this website have been prepared as general guidance to employers about the law and its application.  They have not been drawn for any particular circumstances or any particular body.  Each employer has different circumstances and needs from all others.  Therefore these notes and forms are not advice to any person and may not be taken as a definitive statement of the law in general or in any particular case.  Employers must satisfy themselves about the relevance and applicability of the notes and forms to their own circumstances and needs.  None of the General Assembly, the Ministers’ Pension Fund or Roderick Ramage accept any responsibility for anything that any person does or does not do as a result of reading, downloading and using all or any of them.


Before you say that these papers are very complicated take a quick look at the note below about boiling a kettle.  It is easy to boil a kettle, but it sounds very complicated if you write instructions telling your LGM visitor from Outer Centauri how to do it. AE is (probably) a little more complicated than boiling a kettle, but not that much.  Think of these notes as “kettle instructions” and dealing with AE might not be too bad after all.

Contents list

Click the item or items that you wish to read or download. All the documents have been prepared in Microsoft Word.

1          The Chief Officer’s letter to congregations sent April 2015.

2          A short explanation of the general principles of AE.

3          A guide to steps to be taken to comply with the AE obligation.

4          Note for the MPF solicitor’s presentation at the GA meeting on 31 March 2015.

5          A summary of the penalties for non-compliance.

6          Form 1      advance letter to workers to whom AE does not apply unless they request to be enrolled.

7          Form 2      advance letter to workers who will be enrolled automatically.

8          Form 3      notice workers who have been or will be enrolled automatically.

9          Form 4      notice to entitled worker (no employer contributions).

10        Form 5      notice to non-eligible jobholder (opt in)

11        Form 6      notice to workers who are members of a qualifying scheme.

12        Form 7      notice to workers if AE is deferred.

Boiling a kettle

Even a simplified set of instructions are something like: pick up the kettle; it is on right hand end of the bottom shelf by the window; it is green, flat underneath and semi-spherical in the middle, has a lid on the top and above it a black handle and at one side a protrusion called a spout; with one hand pick the kettle up by the handle; walk, carrying the kettle, to the kitchen sink; with another hand remove the lid by taking hold of the black knob on it and lifting it while not lifting the whole kettle with the hand that is holding the handle; place the lid on the worktop by the sink; position the hole in the kettle revealed by taking the lid off under the end of the tap which is above the kitchen sink; with the hand with which you had removed the lid turn the cold water tap (always the right hand tap) until water flows from it into the kettle; when the kettle is nearly half full turn the cold water tap the other way until the water stops flowing; move the kettle away from the tap; with the other hand pick up the lid; replace the lid to cover the hole on the kettle; continue to hold the kettle and walk across the kitchen to the cooker; etc etc.