Policy & Debate

Motions & Resolutions

At our Annual Meetings we discuss and vote on motions which, if passed, become Resolutions and guide our policy and direction as a movement.

Motions results 2024:

  1. Motion to explore the consequences of Artificial Intelligence PASSED

    2. Support for the No More Deaths campaign PASSED

    3. Updated motion on the conflict in Gaza PASSED. Here is the updated wording:

      “This General Assembly of Unitarians and Free Christian Churches grieves and deplores the recent events in Israel and Gaza, including the actions of Hamas on 07 October 2023 and the subsequent response by the Government of Israel.  We call upon the Chief Officer, individual Unitarians and Unitarian congregations to:

      a.    support generously humanitarian relief efforts in the region through recognised charities, such as the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP);

      b.   urge political leaders to pursue an immediate halt to the current conflict; and to seek a lasting resolution to the causes of the conflict based on the principles of justice and the human rights of all those living in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including through the existing and future Resolutions of the United Nations.”

      4. Motion to allow for more than 4 motions at the Annual Meetings was NOT PASSED.

      The full wording of all of the original amendments can be found here, along with the Background Papers here.

      You can view the resolutions from our 2023 Annual Meetings here.

      You can read our Standing Orders here.


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