The end of a loved-one’s life is difficult to bear. A Unitarian funeral can navigate this most emotional time, helping you mark the end of a life’s journey in a deeply personal and appropriate manner.

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Our ministers are here to listen, to understand your beliefs and those of your loved-one. We have no preconceptions about how a service must be conducted, or on burial or cremation. What matters is what is important to you and your family, and we will help translate that into a funeral that is a fitting and personal celebration.

Your ceremony can be traditional or wholly unconventional. You can choose to have a funeral in your own home, at one of our places of worship, or at a meaningful location. Whatever your wishes, your minister will do their best to make them happen.

Music at Unitarian funerals can range from a full brass band to The Beatles, hymns to a Hindu chant. Readings are similarly varied.

Respect for the deceased’s convictions is of utmost importance, and Unitarians are willing to provide celebrants for those who might otherwise find it hard to find one, such as humanists.

We promise you a uniquely personal ceremony reflecting the beliefs and life of your loved-one and the support of a caring, professional and talented minister to lead your celebration.