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  • A naming ceremony at Bridport Chapel

    Bridport Chapel, Dorset is the perfect place for an intimate celebration of your baby.

  • Rosslyn Hill Chapel Event

    The wonderful acoustics at Rosslyn Hill Chapel, Hampstead, make it popular for gigs and recordings.

  • A naming ceremony at Evesham Unitarian Chapel

    The beautiful chapel in Evesham, Worcestershire, sits within a tranquil garden graveyard with flowering shrubs and willow tree.

  • A baptism ceremony at Gellionnen Chapel

    Intimate and charming Gellionnen Chapel in Pontardawe, Wales, is perfect for all celebrations.

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We are all on a wonderful path, and we offer ceremonies to mark every stage! From naming to christenings, baptisms to coming of age, major birthdays and all other spiritual milestones can be marked in our places of worship.

Unitarian spiritual homes offer unique celebrations and ceremonies, there is no one-service-fits-all approach. Instead, each one is lovingly crafted to fit your needs and beliefs. We actively listen to what you need and believe, and together we make the most memorable occasion possible.

Venues vary in size, there are large churches like St Mark’s in Edinburgh (200 capacity main hall with space for a further 120 people elsewhere) and more intimate spaces like Gellionnen Chapel in Pontardawe, Wales perfect for smaller celebrations.

Whatever your need, we listen and make sure your celebration is worthy of the name.