Communications Resources

On this page you can find useful resources for sharing our Unitarian message with your local community and with the world. If you’d like to discuss something specific or can’t find what you’re looking for on this page, please contact our Communications Officer.

design programme: a unitarian presence

In 2021, we launched our new design programme: ‘A Unitarian Presence’. It’s a handy guide to help you think about how you might communicate the ethos of your congregation locally. You can work through the design programme in your congregation and inside you’ll find links to download logos, patterns, fonts, colour schemes, as well as templates for social media, posters, newsletters, and much more. Click here to access the design programme.


If your congregation or group is looking to build a new website, we have a WordPress theme ready for you to use, as well as guidance and support. Please contact our Communications Officer for more information.

social media

You can find ideas, inspiration and graphics on our social media accounts, which you can also use on your own congregation or group’s accounts. Follow these links to visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. See also our Social Media Guidelines.

Slideshow of images

  • ‘Welcome to your spiritual home…’ (front and back)

  • ‘Welcome to your spiritual home…’ (inside)

  • ‘Your Dream Wedding’ (front and back)

  • ‘Your Dream Wedding’ (inside)


To order copies of our leaflet ‘Welcome To Your Spiritual Home’ (available in English and Welsh) or ‘Your Dream Wedding’ (available in English, Welsh coming soon) please contact Unitarian HQ. Both leaflets have a space on the back for you to add a sticker with your congregation’s contact details.

We are currently developing additional leaflets – watch this space!


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something a bit different

One of our members recently unearthed our publicity guide from 1980, and we were fascinated to see how much still has relevance today. Click here to take a look!