The Lindsey Press

The Lindsey Press is the publishing imprint of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches.  Established in 1904, its first publication was Frances Power Cobbe: In Memoriam, written by J. Estlin Carpenter. Currently we normally publish two books a year.

We are proud to announce that our new books for 2024 are:

Soul Deep: Exploring Spirituality Together“, by Michael Allured and Kate Dean

“Right Relationship in the Real World: Learning to Live by our Unitarian Values”, edited by Jane Blackall

Other recent publications have included Seeking Paradise: A Unitarian Mission For Our Times by Stephen Lingwood; Living With Integrity: Unitarian Values and Beliefs in Practice edited by Kate Whyman; Unitarian Women: A Legacy of Dissent edited by Ann Peart; Life’s Journey: Creating Unitarian Rites of Passage by Daniel Costley; Fragments of Holiness: Words for Reflection edited by Catherine Robinson; Unitarian? What’s That? By Cliff Reed; Life Spirit: for groups and individuals exploring deep questions, by David Usher; and the Sing Your Faith and Hymns For Living hymn books.  You can find these books (and more) in our online shop.

Our work is coordinated by the Lindsey Press Panel, whose remit is to publish material that communicates contemporary Unitarian values, ideas, and practice to the denomination and to the wider world. The Panel welcomes ideas for publication in accordance with the above. Any proposal should include the following elements:

  • A covering letter summarising the aims and scope of the proposed work, describing the author’s qualifications, and explaining why the proposed publication is appropriate for the Lindsey Press audience
  • A draft table of contents
  • A draft introduction
  • Two sample draft chapters

Proposals should be submitted by email.