Social Action Audit

In February 2024, we asked Unitarians around the UK to complete a Social Action Survey to gauge individual capacity and interest in engaging with social issues. We then followed up with a second survey aimed at congregations, and then finally with focus groups to discuss the survey at a slightly deeper level. We had over 200 responses to the surveys, and about 30 people participated in the online focus groups. This gave the team the information they needed to compile this report.

Download the report: “What Matters to Us?”

The results contained in this report will be used to guide social action efforts as we move forward. It was very heartening to see how much community-building and social outreach was happening around the country, even at the smallest of congregations. Something we all can be proud of!

If you have any questions about this report or would like to discuss social action projects at your congregation or within the wider movement, please get in touch with Ann Howell, Social Action Officer.