There is a wide array of promotional materials available for congregations to use when promoting Unitarianism or publicising particular events.

Consistent identity

Communications guidelines and templates to help you develop a consistent identity for all your congregation’s publicity.

Chalice Logo

Download the chalice logo in a variety of styles and colours.

Document Templates

Templates for Unitarian branded posters, letters and more.

Editable Posters

Download these editable posters and add the details of the event or activity you wish to publicise.

Promotional Posters

Posters to publicise Unitarianism including posters listing famous Unitarians.


Leaflets publicising various Unitarian values, societies and a template for you to customise and use how you like.

Web Support

Support to help you build a modern and attractive website at the web support facility.

Image library

Thousands of images and photos to use for publicity and promotion at the image library facility.


Diversity and Rainbow banners available for loan.

Pullup Stands

Pullup stands available for loan.