Election Time!

8 December 2020

We are looking for new candidates to stand for election to join our Executive Committee.

Who do you know who might be an asset to our movement in this role? Candidate applications open on 15th December, so now is a great time to have a quiet word of encouragement with potential candidates!

The role of the Executive Committee is to work with the Chief Officer and staff team to lead and serve the Unitarian and Free Christian movement. This is a critical time for us, not just because of pandemic but because society demands new things of us, and we need to adapt in order to find our route to collective flourishing. This is an opportunity to be part of shaping and supporting the future of our movement.

Executive Committee members represent the movement and are democratically elected by members across the country. They bring experience from within our movement and from their professional and voluntary work elsewhere. 

Research shows that diverse boards are more effective, and we particularly welcome candidates from groups within our movement that have been under-represented on the Executive Committee, including:

– People in their 20s, 30s and 40s
– LGBTQ folk
– People of colour
– People with disabilities 

Working remotely this year has shown us that videoconferencing can be effective in addition to in-person meetings. Our pattern of meeting will adapt according to what is safe and practical for the group, but we anticipate that the commitment would be for Executive Committee members to take part in 90-120 minute Zoom meetings every 4-6 weeks, with (hopefully) two two-day in person meetings in the year. We hope that this style of meeting will be more accessible for those in full time employment or with caring responsibilities.

Who can stand for election?
Candidates should have been part of the Unitarian community for at least three years and have experience as a member of either their congregation’s governing body or similar committee, or have been a trustee of another charity. They will also need to fulfil the Charity Commission’s legal requirements for trustees. More details on the requirements are in the attached documents.

How do I apply?
Full instructions are in the documents below. Please read them carefully! Applications needs to be received by 26th January 2021, with support from the candidate’s congregation or other Unitarian organisation.

Call For Nominations
Guidance (Document A)
Declaration (Document B)
Nomination Form (Document C)

If you would like to know more about the work of the Executive Committee, or whether you should consider applying, please do get in touch with either me or Marion Baker, our Convenor.

Elizabeth Slade
Chief Officer – Prif Swyddog
General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches