Click here to read a special message from Gavin Howell, our Youth Officer.

children and teenagers

The Annual Meetings are a great place for families and for Unitarians of all ages. To support infants, toddlers and those of pre and early school age, we work alongside a specialist Ofsted regulated creche provider in order to best meet their needs. For older, primary age children, we offer GA Kids and for post primary attendees we offer GA Teens.

Of course, we also appreciate that age isn’t always an accurate indicator of stage. Therefore, we liaise parents in advance of the event in order to determine the most appropriate provision for their child.

These are all coordinated by our Youth Officer, Gavin Howell, who is happy to answer any questions you may have.

young adults

To help younger Unitarians attend the Annual Meetings there is a special subsidised ‘Under 40s’ rate for those aged 18-39. This is made possible by grants from the Wood Green Trust, so that as a movement we are supporting the development of new leaders. Find out more here.

Children’s bookings close on 15 February 2024, due to the need for additional Safeguarding planning and arrangements, so please book early!