New Book: Football Without Borders

16 February 2021

Buy this new book about the amazing refugees’ and asylum seekers’ football club, the Ullet Road Church Rebels FC, set up by Rev Phil Waldron and Chris Allen of Ullet Road Unitarian Church, Liverpool.

Football Without Borders: The Lives and Times of a Refugee Football Club‘ by Chris Allen (Twenty 9 Publishers, 2021), £9.99. 25% of the proceeds are being donated to Asylum Link Merseyside.

“A beautiful book which shows how the FA has it horribly wrong, the government has it horribly wrong, and society still has it horribly wrong. But, through it all, the people who have fled their own countries for fear of death or torture find happiness as a football team, supported by a handful of remarkable people.”
Neville Southall, ex-Everton and Wales Goalkeeper

It was and is an emotional rollercoaster… but worth every step of the way! The book that has been published highlights the love of bringing people together for the beautiful game. Chris has captured the essence of how it all began for him. It is a wonderful journey that is still continuing, so many friendships have been born out of this venture. There is laughter, anger, optimism, and the odd swear word (words) from a minister! But more than anything love bursts from this book. It describes the extraordinary difficulties our players have gone through before they came to the UK.

Rev Phil Waldron

Buy the book here.