Bury St Edmunds Unitarians host Gin Festival to raise money for disabled access

27 October 2022

Bury St Edmunds Unitarians in Suffolk came up with a novel way to raise money for a disabled access ramp for their meeting house, by hosting their first ever Gin Festival. Over £500 was raised during the evening and the Meeting House’s manager, Amanda Martin, said: “We thought: ‘If CAMRA can have a beer festival at the cathedral, why don’t we open up our beautiful, baroque, 300-year-old building, and have something classy, like a gin festival? A lot of people had never been in the building before the festival, and they were absolutely flabbergasted by how elegant the building was. We’re really keen that the Unitarian Meeting House continues to be a venue for people to hold their meetings at, hold their celebrations at – and, also, to hold wellbeing events at.”

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