Unitarians launch new ‘Worship Words’ website

23 November 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of a new website Worship Words, a collaborative online space sharing resources for worship from across the UK Unitarian community and beyond.

Worship Words hosts a collection of beautiful, inspiring, and meaningful readings for worship, bringing together new work alongside much-loved favourites from the Lindsey Press.

It is fully searchable by keyword, category, or theme making it easy to access high quality readings for use in your services. The site is free, open to all, anyone is welcome to use it and to submit their own resources. We already have our first 120 readings, and the collection is growing all the time.

With huge thanks to the team of volunteers from across the movement who made the site possible and to the ministers and lay leaders who have submitted readings so far.

Join us online at 7pm tonight (Wednesday 23 November 2022) for our official ‘Worship Words’ launch event.

Click here to visit the new ‘Worship Words’ website.