Executive Committee seeks new members

28 June 2023

We are looking for three new people to join our Executive Committee. Could this be you – or someone in your congregation?

The Executive Committee of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches is seeking applications for three members to be co-opted to fill vacant positions arising following the recent election process. The co-opted members will serve from July 2023 until the end of the Annual Meetings in April 2025.

The role of the Executive Committee is to work with the Chief Officer and staff team to lead and serve the Unitarian and Free Christian movement.

As Liz Slade, Chief Officer, wrote in a recent issue of the Inquirer“This is an exciting time to be part of this leadership group, because of the nature of the challenges we are facing. Covid brought closer to home the fragility of many of our congregations, but also displayed the creativity and care they hold. We know that ‘more of the same’ could lead to chapels closing in the not-too-distant future, and we know in a movement like ours, the path to the future must be found locally, not imposed from the top down. So the work of leadership from Essex Hall is akin to that of gardeners – tending the soil, nurturing the seedlings, supporting the mighty oaks, taking care of the compost, having an eye on the weather, and the keeping the whole ecosystem in view.”

Executive Committee members represent the movement and are democratically elected by members across the country. They bring experience from within our movement and from their professional and voluntary work elsewhere. This may be in management, finance, communications, change management, charity governance, or some other experience that you would like to use in service of our denomination.

They meet around six times a year, usually in person in London, with dinner together the evening before a 9am to 5pm meeting. They also try to get together for a longer two-day meeting, and at times will have video conferences or make decisions over email.  

Who can stand for election?
Candidates should have been part of the Unitarian community for at least three years and have experience as a member of either their congregation’s governing body or similar committee, or have been a trustee of another charity. They will also need to fulfil the Charity Commission’s legal requirements for trustees.

How do I apply?
Applications need to be received by 13 July 2023. By following these links you can find further information, the application form, and declaration.

If you would like to know more about the work of the Executive Committee, or whether you should consider putting yourself forward, please do get in touch with either Liz Slade (Chief Officer) or Rev. Jo James (Convenor).