Welcoming 3 New Unitarian Ministry Students

24 November 2023

The General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches is delighted to announce the following candidates have been offered Ministerial Training following their interviews last month: Peter Flower, Christina Smith and Lizzie Kingston Harrison.

Liz Slade, Chief Officer of the General Assembly says: “Each year I feel so grateful to the new cohort of people who step forward in response to their calling to become Unitarian ministers. The three new ministry students this year are people of such diverse talents and experiences, and are bringing real richness to our community’s leadership. I congratulate them on reaching this step in their ministry path. The work of ministry is more important than ever, as so many people in Britain are feeling the gap of inclusive and meaningful spiritually healthy communities, and I am so glad to welcome Peter, Christina and Lizzie into the next phase of their work.”

The candidates will begin their formal training at a Residential Orientation Week in February 2024. Helen Mason, Director of Unitarian College says: “We are delighted to welcome three new students to study for Unitarian Ministry. All three have the potential to become great leaders in our denomination. We are pleased to be collaborating closely with Harris Manchester College to ensure these students benefit from the best Unitarian educational offer available. We are very much looking forward to walking the path with Peter, Lizzie and Christina.”

Anyone interested in knowing more about training for Unitarian Ministry is encouraged to look at the designated page of the GA website where you will be able to contact Simon Bland, Congregational & Ministry Support Officer.

The General Assembly and Unitarian College wish to thank all the districts, congregations and individuals who support the Unitarian ministerial training process. Donations to The Ministerial Students Fund helps to cover students’ travel and living costs during their training and is a real investment in the future of the Unitarian movement. Please contact Simon Bland for further information on this vital work.