Chakra Meditations with Laura Dobson

7.30-8.15pm / Tuesdays from 10 Jan - 21 Feb / Online


Tuesdays 10th January – 21st February, 7.30 – 8.15 pm

Join us for a meditative journey through the chakras (energy centres in the body), with pranayama (breath work), mudra (hand posture) and mantra (sacred chant). No previous experience of meditation required. Led by Rev. Laura Dobson. All welcome.

Week 1 – root chakra (muladhara), centre of grounding, stability and security

Week 2 – sacral chakra (svadhisthana), centre of creativity, pleasure and passion

Week 3 – navel chakra (manipura), centre of power, vitality and energy

Week 4 – heart chakra (anahata), centre of love, connection and harmony

Week 5 – throat chakra (vishuddha), centre of communication, truth and self-expression

Week 6 – third eye chakra (ajna), centre of intuition, imagination and perception

Week 7 – crown chakra (sahasrara), centre of consciousness, understanding and enlightenment

Zoom Link. Meeting ID: 942 2364 8779. Passcode: 3c9Pb1.