East Meets West Connections

6pm / 22 January / Online

Event by Unitarian Transformers

Saturday 22nd January 2022, 6-7pm

At connections meetings of Unitarian Transformers both current Unitarians and people new to Unitarianism are welcome. There will be a 10–15-minute talk and/or reading sampling a connection with Unitarianism. After this there will be time for others to share their experiences. This is intended as listening time, listening to others. There will then be time to ask questions. As a creedless faith, it is to experience the spiritual connection as each individual feels it.

This gathering is the East meets West connection, exploring the blending of Eastern and Western spirituality in the Brahmo Samaj in India (community of worshippers of the One highest reality) and their connections with the Unitarian movement, with words, music, silence, and the opportunity to share our reflections with each other. Led by Rev. Laura Dobson. All welcome.


Meeting ID: 942 2364 8779

Passcode: 3c9Pb1