Findhorn Experience Week

13-17 June 2022 / Findhorn, Scotland

The Findhorn Unitarian Experience Week is back! Since 2017 Unitarians from across the UK have shared an Experience Week at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, to meet each other and to learn about this unique community. 

Experience Week is a short foundation course designed to introduce the ethos of the Findhorn Foundation. It is a remarkable opportunity to experience and share in a community with a daily spiritual practice.

Curious about the Findhorn Community in Scotland?

What other Unitarians have said of the experience:

‘…the FUN week came as a refresher rather than as a completely new experience’  

Since my return I have benefitted from a deeper meditation practice…’

The Findhorn Foundation is a charity and a leading international centre of transformative learning, rooted in a spiritual ecovillage community in the north of Scotland. The Foundation has been recognised by UNESCO for its cultural and environmental contributions.

The community, near the village of Findhorn, has welcomed tens of thousands of people over the last 60 years, sharing spiritual learning, exploring kinder, more joyful ways of living, and co-creating a transformed world. Find out more by visiting their website.

The Findhorn Unitarian Network (FUN) has identified a week for Unitarians to attend together: June 13–17. We encourage people to apply to stay on until the following Sunday (June 19) to experience some of the regular extended spiritual practices of Taize singing and meditation. It is possible to leave Forres by rail as late as 2pm on Sunday afternoon, and to get back to London on Sunday night. A cheaper alternative is to fly back from Inverness on Sunday evening.

If you, or someone you know, would like information about attending Findhorn’s Experience Week with other Unitarians: Please email with the words ‘Experience Week’ in the subject header to let us know your interest.

Financial assistance may be available to those on low wages or receiving benefits.