Spiritual Not Religious

7pm / 19 April 2023 / Online


Spiritual Not Religious, a new and welcoming group, open to all.

Would you describe yourself as spiritual but not religious? Outside of ‘traditional’ religious activities, there are many ways that people in Britain today enrich their spiritual lives – from yoga and meditation to creative projects, from walking, gardening, and serving others to simply being outside in nature. There is much we can learn from each other in exploring the ways in which we find meaning and transcendence in our everyday lives.

You are welcome to join our monthly online gathering to explore these themes and build connections with others. This month’s gathering explores how sharing our lives with animals can be spiritually nourishing. Rev. Wyn Thomas talks donkeys, whilst Laura Dobson and Mark Hutchinson add the connection of dogs and Winnie the Pooh. 

This event is run by the Unitarian Transformers project.

Zoom Link. Meeting ID: 942 2364 8779. Passcode: 3c9Pb.