Summer School 2022 (Online)

7pm / 22-26 Aug 2022 / Online


Right Relationship: Practising Love, Peace, and Justice in Everyday Life

We are once again presenting an online series of events during the August week when Hucklow Summer School would usually take place. There will be five daily theme talks on Zoom at 7pm from Monday 22 to Friday 26 August. This year, in keeping with our relational theme, each talk will be given by a pair of theme speakers exploring an aspect of ‘Right Relationship’ together:

Monday 22 August: Rev. Sarah Tinker and Rev. Dr. Jane Blackall

Tuesday 23 August: Nicola Temple and Dr. Lizzie Kingston-Harrison

Wednesday 24 August: Rev. Laura Dobson and Arek Malecki

Thursday 25 August: Torry Glinwell and Alex Brianson

Friday 26 August: Rev. Cody Coyne and Rev. Winnie Gordon

During these talks we will be reflecting on the idea of ‘right relationship’ with self, others, and God. How might we cultivate practices of ‘right relationship’ in our everyday lives? Over the course of the week our speakers will consider what living in ‘right relationship’ might require of each of us in our closest connections with friends and family; in our congregations and wider communities (local and online); with people near and far who we don’t come into direct contact with, and whose life experiences are very different from our own, but with whom our existence is interdependent; and with the Earth itself.

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To sign up visit the Summer School website here.