Districts and Societies

As well as individual congregations, there are District Associations that connect and support congregations in a local region, and many societies, from the Peace Fellowship and the Earth Spirit Network to the Women’s Group and the Music Society – plus many more.

On this page you can find links to all of our Districts and Societies.


Scottish Unitarian Association


Unitarians Wales, South East Wales Unitarian Society and South Wales Unitarian Association


East Cheshire Union of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, East Midland Unitarians, London District and South Eastern Provincial Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, Manchester District Association of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, Merseyside and District Missionary Association, Midland Unitarian Association, North and East Lancashire Unitarian Mission (no website), Northern Unitarian Association, Sheffield and District Association of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches (no website), Southern Unitarian Association (no website), Western Union of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches and Yorkshire Unitarian Union


National Unitarian Fellowship, Unitarian Renewal Group* (no website), Unitarian Association for Lay Ministry, UKUnitarian TV*, Unitarian Christian Association, Unitarian Earth Spirit Network*, The Meditational Fellowship*, Findhorn Unitarian Network, FOY Society, Unitarian and Free Christian Peace Fellowship, Unitarian Society for Psychical Studies (no website), Provincial Assembly of Presbyterian and Unitarian Ministers and Congregations of Lancashire and Cheshire, International Association for Religious Freedom: British Chapter *, British League of Unitarian and Liberal Christian Women , Unitarian Women’s Group, Unitarian Music Society, British & Irish Unitarian Young Adult Network*, International Religious Fellowship* (no website), Unitarian Historical Society, and The Martineau Society*

Those with * are not formally affiliated to the General Assembly of Unitarian & Free Christian Churches.