First “out” Lesbian Minister

21 March 2023

Rev. Ann Peart “came out” as a lesbian during a sermon at Golders Green Unitarian Church and her congregation were very supportive. In Spring 1990, Rev. Peart presented a paper on liberation theology at the Unitarian Minister’s Conference, in which she “came out” to her colleagues. In 1995, Ann and her partner held a celebration of their relationship at Golders Green Unitarian Church.

Ann Peart, interviewed February 2023:
“As the first woman minister, who was obviously out as a lesbian and proud of it, I felt I had a ministry just being who I was. I remember one person describing me as a very unusual sort of woman. On the whole, I found that being a minister, doing ordinary ministerial things and being known as a lesbian, helped to destroy some of the myths. It seemed to me it was important just to do my ministry as well as I could – and be a lesbian. It wasn’t a problem for me in becoming principal of a college and it certainly hasn’t damaged my career with the General Assembly. I think I’ve been really very lucky in having a career and a lot of my social life within the Unitarian movement.”