Gay Sweatshop

21 March 2023

The gay theatre company Gay Sweatshop staged their play ‘Mister X’ in Golders Green Unitarian Church, with the approval of the minister, Rev. Keith Gilley. The opening scene was interrupted by a local vicar, his wife and friends, who shouted at the actors for twenty minutes, waving signs with messages including ‘Man Shall Not Lie With Man’. The incident was reported in the local press, with headlines like ‘Vicar in Gay Play Rumpus’.

The press reported Mrs Olive Thompson, Chairman of Golders Green, Unitarian Church, as saying: “A church should care about people, all people, irrespective of sex, age, race, sexual orientation, religious tradition or any other unimportant difference. Airing the concerns of a minority group is a very proper church function. Far too many people regard churches as ‘Thou shalt not’ places. That’s not a role for our congregation, we intend to remain a focus of genuine concern and a centre of liberal thought.” Click here to find out more.