The Blue Leaflet

21 March 2023

The General Assembly produced the ‘Blue leaflet’, which included a line that “some Unitarian ministers include blessings of same-sex unions or friendships”. At the 1981 Annual Meetings of the General Assembly, it was decided to destroy all copies of the leaflet. In response, Rev. Keith Gilley appeared on stage in a “skit” opening his coat to reveal… copies of the blue leaflet! This led to a subtle change in decision – instead of the leaflets being destroyed they were held in a back room at Unitarian headquarters and made “available on request.”

Ann Peart, interviewed February 2023:
“The Blue Leaflet does say that some ministers might be prepared to ‘consider blessing a same-sex union’. This was brought up at the General Assembly meetings and some people objected very much to this. They felt it did not show our movement in a good light. There was an acrimonious exchange, and it was agreed that the leaflet should be destroyed. A compromise was reached later when it was agreed that the leaflets would not be destroyed. They would not be on display, but they would be available to any congregation who asked for them.”