Cherishing The Earth

22 March 2023

Cherishing the Earth – Nourishing the Spirit, edited by Maria Curtis

This new book presents a range of Unitarian responses to the global environmental crisis. Contributors include ministers, lay people, and children, writing from diverse theological and ethical perspectives, exploring what it might mean to live in right relationship with the Earth. Their insights range from the prophetic and political to the practical and intensely personal, but all share a sense of gratitude for the sacred gift of life.

Maria Curtis asks what changes we need to make in ourselves and in our society if we are to work towards healing the Earth and restoring balance to the global ecosystem: “We need to re-imagine what a healthy relationship between humanity and the natural world might look like, one conducive to the flourishing of all beings on Earth.” Rev. Dr Maria Curtis is a Unitarian minister with a background in education and psychology. Lindsey Press, 2023, ISBN: 978-0-85319-098-1, £12