Seeking Paradise

17 November 2020

Seeking ParadiseA Unitarian Mission for our Times, by Stephen Lingwood. What might the future of the Unitarian movement look like? That will depend, this book argues, on how we envision – and enact – its missionUnitarians can evangelise, with a message of hope for a “beloved community” in this world: the Paradise of the title. Stephen Lingwood presents new ways of thinking about the Kingdom (or “Kindom”) of God, based on his practical experience as a Unitarian minister. Each chapter ends with questions for reflection by individual readers and discussion by small congregational groups. Stephen Lingwood is a Pioneer Minister in Cardiff and serves as the Minister of Cardiff Unitarians /Undodiaid Caerdydd. Lindsey Press, 2020, ISBN: 978-0-85319-094-3, RRP £10.00