Unitarian Women

17 November 2020

Unitarian Women: A Legacy of Dissent, edited by Ann Peart, with contributions by Rory Castle Jones, Andrew Hill, Derek McAuley, and Alan Ruston. A celebration of the pioneering achievements of Unitarian women who made a difference to their world – as writers and artists, social reformers, suffrage activists, peace campaigners, educators and politicians, preachers and ministers – for 200 years from the mid-18th century. As Unitarians, they dissented from the orthodox doctrines of their time; as women, they dissented from the restricted cultural roles prescribed for them by society. They were supported by networks of friends – both women and men – and this book traces some of those interconnections across England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Revd Ann Peart is a historian and former Principal of Unitarian College Manchester. Lindsey Press, 2019, ISBN 978-0853190929, softback, RRP £10.