Why Are We Here?

6 April 2022

Why Are We Here? Discerning our Unitarian Mission in an Upturned World, commissioned by Jane Blackall, with contributions from Shana Parvin Begum, Rory Castle Jones, Jo James and Kate Brady McKenna, and a foreword by Elizabeth Slade.

A radical exploration of the ways in which the landscape of “doing church” has changed, especially during the Covid pandemic. Five contributors, all of whom are serving or aspiring Unitarian ministers, draw on their own experiences to consider how Unitarian communities can flex and adapt in turbulent times while remaining true to their religious roots. Their chapters are a selection of talks given at the 2021 Summer School at Great Hucklow,
addressing a wide range of challenges, from the impacts of climate change on our planet to invisible types of social discrimination, both within and beyond church congregations. Each chapter ends with questions for reflection and discussion. Lindsey Press, 2022, ISBN: 978-0-85319-096-7, Softback, RRP £5.00.