Online gatherings

Many of our communities hold online services, gatherings and other events, open to all. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number and variety of online gatherings available has multiplied.

You can find a range of online events on our What’s Happening page. A popular way of coming together online is our Heart & Soul circles, spiritual gatherings for contemplation and connection.

If you’re interested in trying an online Sunday service, we offer some recommendations below, or you can find a full list here.

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  • Edinburgh Unitarians Sunday Service

    Join Edinburgh Unitarians for their Sunday Service at 11am…

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  • New Unity Sunday Gathering

    Join New Unity non-religious church for their Sunday Gatherings at 11am…

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  • Mill Hill Sunday Service

    Join Mill Hill Chapel Leeds for their Gatherings For Spiritual Community, every Sunday at 10.30am…

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  • Kensington Sunday Service

    Join Kensington Unitarians for their Sunday Service at 10am…

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