Peter Tatchell speaks movingly about “great work” of Unitarians in struggle for LGBT+ equality

18 September 2023

As part of the LGBT+ Unitarian Voices project, the veteran LGBT+ campaigner Peter Tatchell spoke at an event earlier this month welcoming the exhibition to Golders Green, north London. Peter spoke movingly about his personal experience of the Unitarians’ role in the struggle for LGBT+ equality since the 1970s, including early same-sex blessings in the 1970s, the campaign for same-sex marriage, Dudley Cave, Integroup, the Lesbian and Gay Bereavement Project, and more.

Peter began by saying: “I would love to express my most sincere appreciation to Unitarians for all the great work you’ve done over the decades, not just for LGBT+ rights, but for the rights of women and other people who’ve suffered victimisation and oppression. You have been standards bearers of progressive thought and actions. So my huge admiration and appreciation to Unitarians… from the bottom of my heart a huge, huge thank you.”

You can watch the video of Peter’s speech in full here.

The exhibition is the outcome of an exciting project exploring the brave, inspiring, and sometimes challenging experiences of LGBT+ people in the Unitarian and Free Christian denomination. The project celebrates their stories by recording, archiving, and sharing them. You can visit the LGBT+ Unitarian Voices online exhibition here.