Hymns For Living

17 November 2020

Hymns For Living, edited by Sydney H Knight and David Dawson. Three hundred and seventeen hymns blending the old with the new mixing the traditional with more contemporary concerns, and expressed in more modern idioms. The hymns are grouped into sections that reflect the Unitarian spiritual thrust, e.g. The Reflective Spirit, World-Wide Heritage, The Free Spirit, Personal Commitment, Love and Community, A Better World. A topical index points to the specific focus of the hymns and covers all the principal religious and seasonal celebrations. This hymn book – with words and music – reflects and supports the diversity in contemporary Unitarian worship. Lindsey Press, 1985, ISBN 978-0-85319-075-2, softback, RRP £7.50.

A large print electronic version of this hymn book is available from Unitarian HQ at a cost of £5.  Please get in touch with us by phoning +44 (020) 7240 2384 or by email.  These are subject to copyright, but buyers may reproduce a hard copy for their own use. A4 hard copy folders are also available at £10 plus £5 postage. Electronic and hard copies are words only (music not included).